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How else to use a Brikcrate?



The Greatest Toy on Earth Just Got Better!



The average builder spends 80% of his time searching and 20% building. No wonder kids prefer video games. Reverse those numbers and allow searchers to become engineers and architects.
Imagine, four times more play


But until now, no effective system for sorting and storing has been made available to you.

Professional builders and designers don't sift through piles, leaving messes in their workspace. Why should you?

Our solidly constructed wooden tables secure Lego bricks from small children, while a color coded label system stores pieces for easy retrieval!






     Our Lego brick storage tables are built for strength like the shipping crates from the past (minus the splinters). Crafted of solid pine and veneers from front to back, they are fire-branded with a logo and equipped with oil-rubbed bronze hardware and a durable spar urethane finish. Rugged enough for years of active play, but handsome enough for any decor.



Each Lego component in your collection cost someone about 10¢. Look under the bed and use our calculator to guess how much money you have lying around. Rebuild a set you already paid for.



   High quality, color-coded label sheets provide more than 450 icons to mark drawer contents for the custom needs of your Lego table.







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